Unfortunately the last year couple of years has been a bit busy for me and things have changed, so I am now SELLING this car as an unfinished project.

The chassis work and engine is done. The body needs a little bit of wok and bonding on and then the interior needs completing. I have most of the components to finish it.

I am looking for £3750 as it is. Please contact me for more information.




Fancy building a 1950's inspired Miglia Speedster?

If you do, then you this site might give you a little motivation and help!

This is my build diary of a Miglia Speedster (www.migliasportscars.co.uk) which is very similar to a car I built last year called a Sammio Spyder. The Miglia is better made and has some nice touches for the average home-builder like me, so I hoping this one will be a pretty quick build.

As you can see by the websites on the right, I am a serial builder, having spent a number of years doing up VW Beetles and camper vans, I got frustrated with the increasing cost of sourcing donor cars, so I have switched over to the small engine Triumphs for now. I build at home with a single sized garage now (my wife's hairdressing salon has taken the other half of the double garage), and as the photos on the Sammio build show, I built the car on the drive and under a temporary shelter. So they are not difficult to build!

I really loved the build process of the Sammio Spyder last year, and I was sorry to see it go, but it ended up in a good home in Belgium, hopefully making the new owner very happy. In fact, the next project was not too far away, and one of the workers at the old Sammio Car Company started up on his own and created another 1950's inspired kit - the Miglia Speedster.

So click on the link below to have a look at the build process, and I will update as I go along.

It is now March 2013, and I hope to be going to Stoneleigh kit Car show on the 5th May. An 8-week build? Hmm, we'll see.


View the build Diary








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