Find out what I did on each of the dates below:

.Miglia Kit Photos
2013-02-16 - The donor
2013-02-17 - Chassis
2013-02-17 - Rusty Engine
2013-02-23 - Engine strip
2013-03-03 - Engine paint
2013-03-10 - Frame mods
2013-03-17 - Chassis
2013-03-29 - Build up
2013-04-07 - Frame
2013-04-08 - Gearshift
2013-05-06 - Engine In
2013-06-01 - Brake Servo
2013-06-16 - Floor trial
2013-07-06 - Wheels
2013-07-13 - Floorpans
2013-07-20 - Storage Box
2013-07-28 - Radiator
2013-08-04 - panelling
2013-09-02 - Body arrives



Build Diary for
2013-03-10 - Frame mods

I was fortunate to be able to go down to see Mike this weekend at the Miglia Workshop and have a look at my frame being built up. Since I only live a few miles away, it seems silly not to go and have a look at my kit being built up if it is okay with Mike.

While I was there I asked if I could be cheeky and use his welding gear to make some modifications to the frame. What I learned from building up my Sammio Spyder was that moving the petrol tank to behind the rear axle freed up some room for a luggage space behind the seats. This luggage space was really handy, even for the trip up to the pub as somewhere to store jackets and other odds and sods.

So The pictures show the frame being modified with a new petrol tank mount at the rear. Normally you would get the frame painted as part of the kit, but I asked Mike not to paint mine as I wanted to do these modifications, and also I will need to do some other mods to fit my BMW e30 foot pedal assembly. The frames are built up in a specilaly made jig, and we put it on this rolling chassis so I could make the modifications. It also meant we could put a Miglia Speedster body on it to check for clearance around the modified frame.

After a long conversation with Mike on the merits of the luggage space, he has since agreed that these modifications will be the standard issue frame now. A good result for all future builders I think.

Having access to the workshop facilities was really handy as my own little Mig welder struggled with the frame modifications last time, so Thanks Mike for the use of the facilities - hope I didn't get in the way!