Find out what I did on each of the dates below:

.Miglia Kit Photos
2013-02-16 - The donor
2013-02-17 - Chassis
2013-02-17 - Rusty Engine
2013-02-23 - Engine strip
2013-03-03 - Engine paint
2013-03-10 - Frame mods
2013-03-17 - Chassis
2013-03-29 - Build up
2013-04-07 - Frame
2013-04-08 - Gearshift
2013-05-06 - Engine In
2013-06-01 - Brake Servo
2013-06-16 - Floor trial
2013-07-06 - Wheels
2013-07-13 - Floorpans
2013-07-20 - Storage Box
2013-07-28 - Radiator
2013-08-04 - panelling
2013-09-02 - Body arrives



Build Diary for
2013-08-04 - panelling

Okay so I didn't get it started this weekend, but I did make some good progress I think. Firstly I managed to get hold of a Spitfire MkIV heather matrix and fan, which is a nice compact size and would be easier to fit than the herald one. In my Sammio spyder I modified the Herald heater and made it smaller, and so buying a spitfire one is just an easier option and suited my needs better.

Mounting it was a bit of guesswork until I have the body, so I am hoping it is in the right place. I made up a mounting of 20mm box section and it is removeable so servicing it in the future should be okay!

Thebulkhead and centre tunnel wqs cut to shape - the bulkhead is in three sections so the centre section can be removed if the engine and gearbox ever need to come out. The front sections of the tunnel either side are also removable so you can get to the clutch slave cylinder and the propshaft bolts. I will bolt these in and carpet them so they will be hidden until you need to remove them. I try and think ahead so servicing and access is the best it can be!

On Saturday I managed to get all the bits cut I wanted to and then I painted all the bits with resin and paint so it will waterproof and protect it. It will all get fibreglass in eventually so shoudl be very strong.

Sunday was about fitting it all up together again, so the radiator and fans were mounted and plumbed in and the header tank was mounted. The header tank is a 1600 Vitesse part that I really like the look of and adds to the classic feel. The heater was also plumbed in and ignition coil bolted to the purpose made bracket.

I fancied a roller throttle pedal in this one and so A friend of mine turned a 50mm diameter piece of nylon that I got into a cool throttle pedal. I used ot fit skateboard wheels to some of the VW Beetles I have done but this is the coolest so far!

Next week is a final bit of tinkering before I get my body. Once I have that then I can try it for size and just finalise any positions of stuff before I commit to wiring it all in and getting it running. I will do all of this before I bond the body on and then once it is bonded it should not take too long to put on the road after that. I'd better start to look at what is needed for the inspection now!



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